Day 8 of the 30 day sobriety journey

One full week.  It sounds so small… so insignificant, but that means I’ve driven by the liquor store right around the corner from my house at least seven times and not once have I stopped-in to buy my beloved Pit Bull malt liquor, nor have I hit the scotch, bourbon, rum, or gin in my pantry.

I must admit that, again, I was tempted to grab a Pit Bull or two on the way home tonight.  In my mind, I think of how “fun” it will be to drink.  But, of course, I’m remembering the days over 15 years ago when I drank occasionally and did have fun doing it, not the recent years where I slam booze to pass the time.  Drinking just doesn’t turn-out as “fun” as I remember or think it will be, at least when I’m home by myself.

Last night, for day 7, I listened to the “guided vision” audio files from the 30 Day Sobriety Solution.  It’s the kind of exercise where you’re asked to imagine your life in 5 years if you keep drinking vs. if you don’t.  There wasn’t any writing or anything to do – just contemplating and imagining.

I’m not sure if it’s from not drinking or because I’ve been sleeping better (possibly from not drinking), but I noticed this morning that my eyes are far less bloodshot than normal.  They were actually white this morning.  I had figured that the natural state of my eyes was just reddish, but maybe that’s not true.  They are more bloodshot now, after a full day of work, so maybe it was just coincidence or an especially good night of rest.

Well, that’s one week down!  Now to listen to the day 8 material…

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