Day 5 of the 30 day sobriety journey

It’s now Saturday, the 5th day of not drinking and my first weekend day also not drinking.

The weather didn’t get as nice as they were predicting yesterday, so with the cold and snow, if I weren’t sticking to the Sobriety Solution, I probably would have gone and gotten at least a 6 pack of regular beer, or more likely a couple cans of Pit Bull (stronger and cheaper) and spent the afternoon boozing.  And then, of course, falling asleep on the couch early in the evening and then wondering where a large chunk of my precious Saturday went.

Instead, I have been fiddling on stuff around the house and getting some stuff done.

Actually, that brings-up a good point…

In the Day 5 of the Sobriety Solution, Dave mentions the “foggy brain” — a situation that happens when you begin to quit drinking and your thoughts are foggy and you’re not as energetic as you’d expect.  That happened to me today…

I was at Costco and when I got to the checkout counter, I went searching for my Costco membership card and couldn’t find it.  I knew I took it out of my wallet, and thought I had placed it into the pocket in my coat along with the coupons.  But it wasn’t there…

So I got to the register and told them, “I think I lost my card – can you look me up?”  The guy running the register said, “Did you check your pockets?”  Of course, I had checked my coat pockets… but not my jeans pockets.  The Costco card was flat against the screen on my phone!  I felt pretty dumb.

Then, I had a couple other brain fart moments shorly thereafter, such as setting the car alarm off when closing the trunk and not knowing how to shut it off (I need to look that up!) and dropping stuff when carrying the groceries into the house.

Not the most stellar mental-sharpness day, but I suppose it’s a good sign if this is considered “normal” for someone who’s going from daily drinking to nothing.  I just hope it doesn’t last too long…

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5 Responses to Day 5 of the 30 day sobriety journey

  1. Dave Andrews says:

    Great blog Mike! One of my favorite things to do is go back and read my journal for early days of sobriety to see how far I have come.

    Have you thought about Superbowl Sunday? I remember one time I made it to 28 days, the superbowl came along and I gave in. I am the speaker at an AA speaker meeting if you wanted something to do at 7:30 tomorrow night, but it is a decent drive.

    Take Care, Dave

    • BLC Mike says:

      I’m not a big sports person, and I actually don’t have any plans for tomorrow as far as the Super Bowl goes, so there shouldn’t be any problem. 😉 I think I’m OK for now as far as the meeting goes, but I’ll let ya know if I need additional reinforcement at some point.

      • Tejllawe says:

        i am on day 5 as well. If it makes you feel any better, I made a nice hot pot of water the other morning, because i forgot to put the coffee in.
        these days i am sure will come and go. we are told it will all get better, but for now it is one day, hour or minute at a time.
        I am not a sports person either, but fishing is my passion. so tomorrow I will pack my stuff and head to the ice. good luck in your journey, hopefully you find whatever answers you are looking for.

        • PamForever says:

          Thanks for the blog. I’m on day 5 with no drinking. I locked my keys in my car with my cell-phone charging inside. So, I’m glad to hear I’m not just an air brain by myself. I’m definitely low energy. But I’m getting more done than my drinking days. I look forward to having more energy. I found this great hypnotic sleep APP for my iPhone. So that helps me sleep.

  2. Mike says:

    I’m on day five today and I feel great! I feel like I can take over the world, I’m reading a lot, I’m also looking into investing, getting married with my long term girl friend of 7 years. My goal is to go sober for a year and save up to $10k just to prove to my self I can do it. I wasn’t an everyday drinking but I would binge drink, I would golf on a Tuesday and next thing you know we’re at the bar then the strip club then I would get home at 3:30am and the next day wonder how the hell I got home. I woke up one day and said to myself I’m turning 30 in a few months. I rent an apartment I drive a 2014 sedan and I’m a manager at work. I have 2 sons but not with the mother , I just realized I have to much to loose. I don’t know what hit me but glad it did. I don’t think I will pick up another alcohol drink in a long time. Family first moving forward. God bless you all!

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