Day 6 of the 30 day sobriety journey

Wow – almost a week since I’ve had a drink, even with the Super Bowl today!

The journey is going well – the urge to drink is pretty low these days, especially today and yesterday (the weekend).  I don’t know if I’m seeing a huge difference in anything physical, but it is nice to get-up in the morning and not feel regret for drinking so much the night before.

Day 6 of the Sobriety Solution is a “free form” day where Dave discusses whatever comes to mind.  I actually found this particular audio session intriguing because it clearly shows just how focused and how excited he is when it comes to this sobriety program.

Actually, I’m quite jealous of Dave’s dedication to the subject…  I’ve spent a ton of time wondering what it is that I would enjoy so much, that I could devote my energy and time without any reservation.  People like this who have found their true calling are rare in my experience and someday, I hope I can figure-out what it is that would energize me similarly.

I’ve got some ideas of what I’d like to do, but one thing in particular really screams to me:  I want to work in the theme park industry.  The problem?  I’m not schooled nor do I have experience in anything related to that field.  I know I could do it.  I know I could learn it.  I know I find it personally interesting, so I’d have massive amounts of drive and energy to give in such a job.  But, how to get the foot in the door???  How do I get them to give me a chance so I can show my commitment and desire?

Dave has been in personal contact with me via e-mail and suggested that finding your goal in life is covered later in the course (week 3 IIRC).  If only it included a map to help me get to that destination…

Well, that’s a bit of a tangent, but hey, this site is Big Life Change, and that not only includes learning to not drink, but also putting that extra time and energy to use to make more Big Life Changes 😉

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