Day 3 of the 30 day sobriety journey

Today was my third day of not drinking.  I was quite tempted to get my usual couple 24oz cans of Pit Bull on the way home tonight, but I resisted.  I had constant thoughts of “is once a week OK?  If so, what about tonight?!”  After all, my issue with drinking is that I hit the booze as soon as I get home and drink until I hit bed, but if I buy just a pre-measured amount, once a week, it “might be OK”.

But, I cannot give-up only 3 days in…

I think my goal will be to only drink when I’m out with friends, which is pretty rare, and would allow me to enjoy the company and a non-excessive amount of beer.  But what do I do with all the whiskey, scotch, and rum in my pantry…

The 3rd day of the Sobriety Solution, like the previous days, was energetic and had me imagine failing at the life vision I created on day two, as well as imagining the day I succeed in achieving those goals.  The idea is to create a contrast between the pain and pleasure I’ll feel if I drink or choose not to.

Anyway, it’s now about 9:45 pm and I’m not hungering for beer any longer and I’m glad I chose to not drink again tonight.  Time for another night where I can stay awake to read before bed, sleep well, and wake without dry mouth or headache.  🙂

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